What Is The Best Decision That You Have Taken In Your Life?

What Is The Best Decision That You Have Taken In Your Life?


I am a blogger and I have been around for more than a decade. Every week, when I put up my blog I ask one question to the followers and the answer determines my take in the next blog, of course with reasons why and why not I beg to differ from the popular opinion.

Over the years, I have had a great time connecting with my one thousand plus followers and I am so looking forward week after week to hear from them. They are my inspiration as much as I strive to inspire them!

So, last month sometimes, I asked a question relating to online trading and I am surprised that a majority of them answered in the affirmative. The rough estimation is that almost 65 percent of my followers who answered say that they have enjoyed their stint at trading and they are avid traders. We are talking about the online medium here.

18 percent of the people said that they only preferred actual physical trading at stock exchanges et al and a ten percent of them did not like either. They are probably not into trading per se or they have inhibitions about it which prevent them from engaging further.

The statistics were hugely informative:

For a long time, I felt very strongly about trading in the online medium. I began by trading foreign currencies but over time, I began diversifying into various other derivatives.

I have loved the time that I engaged:

Losing money big time was a part and parcel of the experience but as I became better at it I realized that it is a matter of finding the right software to trade at. Once you get to know which software is a legit one. The battle is almost won there!

I used to read a lot of reviews on the internet and subscribed to legit reviewing websites and blogs to get a lowdown on trading. I realized that while many reviews seemed to be doctored, it hardly mattered because of constant reading kind of makes your instincts sharp. You can tell from a look at the website’s homepage if it is only talking big or if it will walk its talk also!

Over the years there have been some extremely good sites where I can bet all my money to tell me if any particular software is worth staking my money on. This is a field where you learn continuously by doing. Each day teaches you something. My patience and resilience are by-products of my trading journey. I am so glad I got on to it early! And you?!

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