Reviewing Trading Software Has Been My Hobby

Reviewing Trading Software Has Been My Hobby


I started off very young:

I am so thankful that I could take full advantage of the online trading revolution right from its inception. There was nothing more than excited me than getting on the trading software and trading away.

Those days I was also doing a day job and a full time one. In spite of that, I could afford to spend a few hours on trading. They say nothing is impossible to a willing heart. How true!

So, when at the end of five whole years at trading and a satisfying stint at that, I decided to quit my full-time job; I had enough savings to call the shots. The corpus that I created from trading online for five years was so much that I could quit my day job, can you beat that!

I mean here I was free as hell to do whatever I wanted to do. I had enough of corporate nine to five thing and I wanted to relax a bit before I decided my next move. The two years that I had as a break was so satisfying creatively that when I did decide to get back to the desk, I was rejuvenated and could think even out of the box!

That is when I decided to make my hobby of writing reviews to let me earn my living:

Writing came naturally to me much as trading and a combination of both was heavenly!

I started off with beta testing trading software. My blog even though as amateurish one took off so well that in a week’s time I had five thousand followers!

I am grateful to the lord to have given me everything that I probably do not even deserve. All I did was following my heart and it led me there.

Five years later, I still write reviews. Y reviews re sought after because they are honest. No word-mincing, no exaggeration and no bootlicking stuff this. I am not afraid to call a spade a spade. Besides, a lot of corporates have a link to my blog from their own websites which gives me a good amount of footfalls on a daily basis.

The encouragement from the readers helps me go on!

I am nothing without my readers. They are the ones who continuously push me to give my best. My reviews with pictures are found at various reviewing sites of repute. In case you would like a dekko, click on the link at the end of the page. It will take you directly from here! Happy reading and of course, happy trading!!


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