I Am Still Repenting Why I Did Not Begin Trading Earlier Than This!


I Am Still Repenting Why I Did Not Begin Trading Earlier Than This!


Some regrets in life are ephemeral and then there is somewhere you cannot just overcome in spite of your best efforts. Mine is that I did not begin trading till a long time. I have seen roommates excitedly opening trading accounts and sharing great news on their profits but somehow I never really had the courage to get on there and do it.

Was it a fear of the failure?


Those days, I used to hear of friends and classmates also losing a lot of money there. Of course, it would have been because of their carelessness but still.

I had a minimum allowance for myself and I was more steeped into academics than working part-time and I knew that if I diverted my attention to getting more money, I would lose steam in my academic pursuits.

This regret has stated:

Two years ago, I had the luck to open a trading account and even though the stint was a temporary one I made great profits. I took to trading like a pro. This surprised me because I had hardly ever tried my hand at it. I used the demo account to learn the rules in detail and that is when my call came from the foreign university where I had applied.

Only a couple of months ago, I began trading again:

I felt it all coming back to me. I was so happy trading that I knew in my heart that I had missed it. I regularly trade now and I have been able to consistently profit thanks to this wonderful software that I am a trader on.

I have the option of switching on to the automatic trading mode in case I am busy:

I like to manually trade for the high that it gives me on the time that I spend analyzing each trading signal that is generated by the software on my account but I am also aware of the fact that it is important to sometimes lay back and to relax while the Autobot takes over for a few minutes.

The auto trading is a learning experience in itself!

The way the trading robot analyses the trade signal can give a lot of insight into trading. I have maintained a diary where I note down all the prominent wins and the analysis that I can wind around it. It has become me go-to sort of place in case of any doubts about how to tackle any given trade signal.

I am enjoying my trading stint.

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