Seriously, would you believe every word on the internet?

The internet is a mélange of information:

Have you been ever told, “Look up on the internet”? Or something like “you will most definitely find everything that you want to know on the internet”? Well. the fact is that information today carries such an immense weight that it makes it mandatory for everyone that they keep abreast with the latest in their field albeit even if it means going out of the way to accumulate so much information that it can become counterproductive.

So, that is what I am trying to arrive at:

In the final year at college, we had to submit a project concerning changes in the investment portfolio of people who use technology to the hilt. That was indeed an interesting topic, so I thought when I was given it for research and a subsequent project was in order for assessment.

But the moment I started doing my research I had two polarizing opinion, all thanks to the internet!

I mean the push and the pull factors remaining constant, the number of people who thought technology was aiding them in making intelligent financial decisions was equal to the number of people who said technology was only a fad and that irrespective of it, they would still have taken a decision that they did now!

So, you see, I was in a limbo:

I started looking out for a specific topic to do the project from a micro perspective. I had those days also stumbled upon online trading and there was this one program called the Crypto Code that had really impressed me and I decided to go for it because at least if it was on something that I could relate to, the project would be far more convincing to the others as well.

With that end in mind, I opened a trading account with them:

I was trading on their demo account. Once I knew I had the hang of it, I started to play with my money also. The initial investment of $250 was the hardest thing. But I somehow managed to collect them by doing odd chores for people and soon I was trading with my money also simultaneously taking down notes to complete my project.

I least expected this at least!
So, when I was drawing up plans to submit my project, I noticed that when I shifted the program to the manual mode from the automatic mode, the profits that accumulated were slightly better. So, I stayed up a week late into the night to manually trade and voila! What do you think happened?

I had made a whopping profit of $1000 in a week! I was on top of the world!! This one was not only helping me do my project but was helping me pay my bills too. You can also check it out for yourselves. Continue reading here or click on the link at the bottom to take you to the company’s website directly.

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