Binary Options Trading –Qprofit System- Easy way to make Profits

An agreement between parties to exchange the difference between the opening and closing prices of a contract including trade on indices, shares, currencies, bonds and other financial instruments are how Binary options trading are based on. Whether it is regulated, monitored or even highly speculative, it has become the popular form of trading by beginners as well as experienced traders as the risk level is predetermined and also once can only have two options, make a profit or make nothing. Since the risk factor is determined on the basis of the movement of the assets at a future date, the stakes are not high as in equity or other forms of trading.

Features of Binary Options Trading:

  • Free entry and exit in the trading market is important, as the trader should be able to call, or take put options based on the risk level the investor wants to take and not be bound by a contract to trade till a particular time period even when the investor wants to exit the trade, binary option provides this option for investors, to enter, trade, make profit, withdraw and exit freely without any timelines
  • The investor can easily sign up for using the software from their website, a source with the easy process of registering their mail id, fund their account with a small deposit and then start trading, either manually or use the auto trading option based on how the parameters are set
  • One can have the leverage to do other things in their free time, while the robot does all the trading for them, as the users can set the risk level and the level of trading for a particular session or different sessions, based on their convenience and limit of exposure.
  • The legit of the software which is used for trading either  on  assets or currencies on the stock exchanges should be verified and reviews can be read before investing huge amounts, or the investors can first delve into the currency trading software like Q Profit System, with a small investment and then double up once they have the trust and confidence and get to see their profits doubling up

With the flexibility offered by Binary trading software which have been created by many well known financial experts, software engineers after years of research and complex calculations to predict and replicate the trade signals offer their best features for any individual to benefit and make profits for a short time and can also withdraw without any hassle once they want to.

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Trading cryptocurrencies using technical analysis

Most investors who are entering this highly lucrative cryptocurrency market have a very simple and straightforward plan. It is to buy the cryptocurrency and hold it and then sell it after they make a profit. That sounds pretty simple but this is not really the whole truth.


Read the Crypto CFD Trader review to understand more. If you buy the cryptocurrency at a wrong time then this could end up putting your trade into a negative. Taking your trading capital to negative can happen almost instantly and if you must have just started this journey then you would be on the wrong path soon.


Use technical charts to trade cryptocurrencies


You thus should make use of the study of technical analysis to take better trading decisions. Technical analysis will help you to time your entry and exit and thus be a profitable trader.

If you come with no experience in investing then you may not totally be aware of what technical charts are. These track the assets price. However, you should know what these charts mean and how you should be using them.


It could be a bit difficult to sit and analyze the charts if you are working full time elsewhere. It is not possible to keep looking out for trading signals the whole day. However, you could master some of the tools used in technical charts and use them to enter a trade.


Few of the best technical indicators that you should look out for are trend lines and the indicators that let you see the support and resistance levels.


Use technical analysis as a trading tool to take decisions


Before you start, it is important to understand that technical analysis is not a guarantee of the future events of the market. It should thus be used along with the other factors that may affect the pricing in the market.


The technical charts help you improve your decision making and the timing in the market. The decision to time the entry is especially true for day traders who use the technical analysis charts to identify the entry and the exit points.


The huge demand for Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are very popular and more and more people are very bullish about this currency. This is the reason for the huge rise in demand in this short span of time and thus a huge rise in the price of the cryptocurrency. It is important, however, to understand what these are and how to time your entry into the market so that you get to buy the cryptocurrency at a low price.


Look for the trend and the major support and resistance levels that help you decide on when to enter the market.

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NoMa Secures Second Public Park Parcel for $14 million

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 5.02.09 PMThanks to the recent $14 million acquisition of a two-acre parcel from Pepco, the NoMa Parks Foundation adds a second public park space to the dense urban neighborhood. The parcel is located on a lot bounded by Harry Thomas Way NE, the Metropolitan Branch Trail and New York Avenue NE.

Already the park foundation is referring to the site as the neighborhood’s backyard and giving it the working name of “NoMa Green.”

“With more than 36,000 people living in greater NoMa today and more than 7,000 new homes in the near-term pipeline, a diverse collection of parks and open space is essential,” said Robin-Eve Jasper, president of the NoMa Parks Foundation, in a prepared statement.

When you get something extra that is always special, be it the public park or your private money, as the benefits enjoyed by you would certainly be doubled. Therefore, instead of sticking to your only source of income, find the profitable ways to earn extra that help you to satisfy your then necessities and save extra for your future.

Don’t know which way to choose? Worry not as we are here to guide you to the way of automated binary options trading that can offer you enough extra money that is so enough as to offer you the absolute financial independence. With absolute financial independence, both your current and the future financial position is absolutely secured, allowing you to enjoy your life the way you want.

So, how is the robot able to offer you the financial independence? It is because the robot follows the instructions offered by the savvy algorithm, which takes into consideration every significant need of the binary options trading practice to offer you the successful trading solutions and the profitable trading benefits, all the times. Apart from brilliantly predicting the market scenarios, the trading bot is also capable of brilliantly avoiding the trading pitfalls as it neither acts under haste nor under the influence of the emotions to offer you the unfavorable results.

Therefore, anytime, both your trading ways and financial ways are secured, allowing you to relax peacefully in the upcoming park area! So, where is this new park located?

The NoMa Green parcel announcement comes on the heels of the October acquisition of an 8,000 square-foot lot at 3rd and L streets, NE. The two new spaces were secured with funds dedicated in the NoMa Parks Grant Authorization Act in 2013, which set aside $50 million in DC Government budget for new public parks and civic spaces in NoMa.

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Hill East Poised for New Construction

watkins alley side viewMuch of the work to transform Hill East into a denser neighborhood is happening behind the scenes. Developers are furiously working to refine plans and begin construction on hundreds of new residential units.

So, when are you going to start working for your financial development, which is needed for your secured financial future? If you haven’t decided about it then, now is the right time to do so as solid financial solution in the name of the crypto robot is available to make your financial situation completely suitable for the future world of cryptocurrency! Ok, now let’s get back to wherever we were!

This article appears in The Hill Rag’s December issue, available at newsstands now.

Watkins Alley

OPaL Development Company’s proposal to bring 44 residences to 1309-1323 (rear) E St. and 516 (rear) 13th Street SE will soon have a planned unit development (PUD) hearing date before the DC Zoning Commission. The zoning commission made an initial review this summer, raising concerns and questions about elements like transportation impacts, traffic and pedestrian flow within the project, and the overall architectural approach.

Earlier this fall the team submitted new designs with a more industrial-style architecture which they say reflects the neighborhood’s context heritage. A range of unit types will include a carriage house in the alley, townhomes, flats, and lofts.

As part of the public benefit package associated with filing for a PUD, OPaL is working with other nearby developers to include CAS Riegler and Insight Development on a proposal to improve the plaza at Potomac Avenue Metro.

Buchanan School Project

Work to ready the former Buchanan School property, 1325 D St. SE, for its new existence as Buchanan Park, a townhouse and condo development, could begin as soon as mid-December. Demolition of two buildings on the north side of the property is pending permits, expected by late 2015 or early 2016.

Construction of the first phase of the 32 proposed townhomes and the 41 one-level condo flats in the former school building could begin late in the second quarter or early in the third quarter of 2016. Sales on both the condos and townhomes could begin mid-2016 with the project slated to deliver by 2017.

Developers are Insight Property Group with designs by SK+I Architecture.

Reservation 13/Hill East

Development team Donatelli/Blue Skye Development will likely submit plans to the zoning commission for the first-phase redevelopment of Reservation 13 in Hill East. The project will bring 354 residential units, about 220 below-grade parking spaces, and 20,000 to 40,000 square feet of retail, split between two buildings designed by GTM Architects.

Mayor Muriel Bowser included about $11 million in funding over three years for infrastructure improvements related to Reservation 13 in the 2016- FY 2021 capital improvement budget.

New York Pizza/1401 Pennsylvania Ave.

CAS Riegler is in the thick of the zoning commission review process for its proposed 174 apartment units and 22,000 square feet of ground floor retail at 1401 Pennsylvania Ave. SE. The developers recently submitted updated designs by project architects Antunovich and Associates that set back portions of the proposed 78-foot-tall building so that it better relates to nearby two- and three-story townhouses while maximizing its presence on Pennsylvania Avenue.

The project is across from the Potomac Avenue Metro. CAS Riegler is working with other nearby PUD proposals to develop a plan for improving the Metro plaza and beautifying the surrounding area.

The first visible inklings of Hill East’s future should come in the form of dust and debris as demolition at the Buchanan School sets into motion the successive waves of development planned and in the pipeline.

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Final 8th and O Residential Project Under Construction

Rendering City Market at O. Image by Shalom Baranes.

Rendering City Market at O. Image by Shalom Baranes.

The final residential portion of Shaw’s City Market at O development is now under construction at 880 P St.

The 142-unit market rate apartment building developed by Roadside Development, LLC, final of four residential buildings in addition to a Cambria Suites Hotel and Giant Food.

Owning a beautiful unit in this beautiful apartment is not necessarily for the deserved but for the savvy, who knows the absolute financial ways to satisfy their greater needs. Yes, when you choose a solid financial solution, attaining the needed money to fulfill your greater needs would never be difficult, which can be accomplished by anyone and everyone with only a little effort.

That little effort is nothing but your willingness to adapt to the latest way of binary options trading known as the bot’s trading way, where all your trading inefficiencies and difficulties are entirely overcome. Overcoming the inefficiencies means, the problem-free path to the profits, which can make your financial position any day established. If you are wondering, how is this even possible in this newer form of trading practice, it is because the system, instead of being controlled by the erroneous human, is being controlled by the flawless machine that is governed by the sagacious algorithm, which is designed to efficiently monitor and control the binary options trading practice!

The result is, higher returns aka higher profitability than you are able to achieve using the human-driven conventional trading approach. The only challenge that is lying before you is the challenge of finding the reliable binary options trading robot, whose ways could offer you the reliable profits all the times. But, even that challenge is easily solvable when you choose your trading bot by considering the following factors.

  • Genuine reviews

A system without a backing can never back your financial future and therefore, look for one before concluding to collaborate with the service.

  • Website

An online presence means a lot about the service, including its reliability, which you should never fail to scrutinize to stay away from the scammers.

With this, you are good to go and good to enact procedures to secure your dream home in this dream apartment building!

“This building, once completed will provide an elegant commercial edge to 9th Street, incorporating street front retail which will complement the thriving retail experience in Shaw,” said Richard Lake, founding partner, Roadside Development.

“The units include a mix of junior one bedroom, one-, two- and three-bedroom units.

City Market at O recently won the Urban Land Institute’s (ULI) 2015 Global Awards for Excellence.


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Buchanan School Demolition to Begin by Early 2016

Buchanan School summer 2015.

Buchanan School summer 2015.

Demolition of the two northern structures on the former Buchanan School (International School) in Hill East could begin as soon as mid-December and definitely by early 2016, the project team told community members at a meeting Monday. The new development by Insight Development with designs by SK+I Architecture will bring 32 proposed townhomes and the 41 one-level condo flats to 1325 D St SE.

If you are the ones staying near this locality and are eager to secure a townhome for yourself then, this is indeed the best opportunity, which you can utilize for the best of yourself and gain a beautiful home for you without much effort. Without worrying about the financial difficulty just make your advanced bookings as you can easily and assuredly fortify your financial position by immediately embracing the binary options trading practice.

As this trading practice is known for higher returns, you can happily gain the needed money to pay your EMI and thus, keep your financial position settled. But, is financial trading a foreign subject for you? Why worry when you have the solution for that too in the name of binary options trading robot, which you can confidently utilize to carry out the profitable trading actions? The trading robot knows everything regarding the trading practice and therefore, be rest assured, even if you are unaware of the fundamentals of this trading practice.

You only have to choose a reliable trading bot and set your necessary preferences; after that, the bot can take care of everything without the need for you to sit and monitor and yet, offer you only the profitable trading results all the time. Great, isn’t it? So, are you ready to make your bookings now?

The historic school building on site will become condos, but two later additions will be demolished to make way for the new townhomes.

The general contractors, Moriarty, expects to receive permits for demolition in December or January and for demolition to last about two months. Vehicles removing the debris will travel south on 13th Street, SE to Pennsylvania Avenue and will travel east to the highway to Virginia–11th Street will not be used because of safety and traffic concerns.

Neighbors can expect about six parking spaces to be taken up mid-block on 13th Street to create the entrance to the construction site. Additionally the green space currently used as an informal dog park will in all likelihood be blocked off by construction fencing. Sorry fido.

Depending on permits and construction delays, the project should deliver in 2017.

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Georgetown Arts, Tech and Media Center Preferred by ANC for Franklin School

Franklin School. Photo by Flickr user X here.

Franklin School. Photo by Flickr user NCinDC here.

A proposal for a new Georgetown University arts, media and technology center is the latest “winner” in the ongoing redevelopment saga of the historic Franklin School in downtown DC. The Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) unanimously supported the GU development program over three others presented during a special meeting earlier this week.

This is because a development should offer not only concrete solutions but, also comprehensive solutions satisfying every essential need of the involved. This is how you ought to eye your financial developments, where the solution you follow should not only satisfy your immediate necessities but also your future financial necessities comprehensively.

Such a comprehensive, solid solution could only be offered by the automated/algorithmic trading practice as the sagacious algorithm governing the practice aka the trading system can ensure your trading actions are always and only profitable!  The trading bot is capable of doing everything that a human trader could not accomplish all the times and hence, the trading ways are more profitable than your conventional procedure. Because of this unparalleled efficiency, not only your immediate but also your future financial necessities are met making it the comprehensive solution for your financial development. Now you have attained your comprehensive solution let us see what’s in store for the University!

The Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED) re-issued a request for proposals earlier this year after Mayor Muriel Bowser canceled a previous deal. The Vince Gray administration previously awarded the school to an EastBanc-led development, the Institute for Contemporary Expression (ICE-DC), to the building at 925 13th St. NW.

In August, DMPED announced five development teams would compete to redevelop the historic school. That number narrowed to four more recently.

Now four proposals are vying for redevelopment rights for the 51,000 square gross feet building in downtown (approximately 33,000 to 38,000 usable square feet).

Friedman Collaboration for the Arts: Arts, hotel and food destination. View proposal.

ARIA Development Group: Hotel, restaurant and bar. View proposal.

Dantes Partners and UberOffices: Co-working office space. View proposal.

Thoron Capital & Georgetown University: Technology, arts and media center with ground floor restaurant. View proposal.

The Commission narrowed down to two proposals, ranking the Georgetown plan first.

“The Commission felt the Thoron/Georgetown and Friedman Collaboration proposals were better suited for the disposition of a public property, use of the historic space, and provision of community benefits,” according to a post on the ANC’s blog.

DMPED told the ANC their office anticipates selecting a winning proposal by the end of the year. The winning team would then enter into negotiations for a long-term (50-99 years) ground lease.

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38-Unit Logan Apartment Building Opens on Former Cab Lot

38-Unit Logan Apartment Building Opens on Former Cab Lot

A former Diamond Cab lot near Logan Circle has been transformed into the HOLM: a 38-unit apartment building with what is being billed as a “highly anticipated” restaurant on the ground floor. Developer CAS Riegler announced completion of the Hickok Cole-designed project located at 1550 11th St. NW this week.

HOLM boasts outdoor space for most of the units,  an open roof deck and catering kitchen for the penthouse to terraces and/or balconies on many of the more traditional units. Units boast features like custom built-in wardrobes, European frameless cabinetry or space-saving sliding barn doors.

How wonderful would it be to secure a beautiful unit in this residential property? Are you thinking along the same lines as mine? Then, why not plunge into the action and secure a beautiful home for yourself, rented or owned, whatever applicable? Money should never be a problem as these days mortgages are readily available, provided you earn a decent, steady income. But, are you worried about the ways to tackle the financially restrained situation? Worry no more as you can easily earn money using a number of reliable ways these days that can support your financial position greatly! Why ponder more when that reliable solution is available in the name of profitable trading ways?

Yes, the financial trading has always been the no.1 choice of the people to enhance their financial situation, which has only become more concrete with the intervention of the technology that has produced reliable trading robots to trade only successfully and more profitably all the times. Choose one among them to alleviate your financial burden and enjoy happy livelihood in your happy new home!

“CAS Riegler is dedicated to creating unique real estate products in urban infill locations with a specific focus on residents’ sophistication and use of their homes when living in urban locations,” said C. Adam Stifel, principal, in a prepared statement. “HOLM’s sustainable, forward-thinking design will appeal to trend-setting residents who already live in the immediate area and want to stay, but are ready for a more refined design aesthetic and a location that allows them to take advantage of all the great neighborhood amenities without being surrounded by more than 200 other tenants.”

The building is now leasing. One-bedroom apartments start at $2,250, two-bedrooms at $3,200. The penthouse apartments range from $4,200 (for a one-bedroom unit) to over $7,500 for a three-bedroom. For leasing information, call 202-600-9462 or visit

The oddly-shaped site was home to an auto repair garage and the Diamond Cab Co. offices.

The oddly-shaped site was home to an auto repair garage and the Diamond Cab Co. offices.

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Bitcoins As A Regular Source Of Income

There are many people around us who try really hard to make ends meet by doing some part time jobs, switching from one temporary job to another or by engaging in some other form of menial works. However, being rewarded in Bitcoins is one of the ways where such people can find a regular source of income.

There are several ways by which you can receive Bitcoins as a means of regular earnings. This includes:

  1. Being employed in a company that pays you in Bitcoins
  2. Joining a non-profit organisation that rewards you in Bitcoins
  3. Becoming self-employed and getting paid in Bitcoins
  4. Becoming a freelancer in some of the Bitcoin Affiliate programs or Bitcoin faucets and earn in the form of Bitcoins
  5. Exploring opportunities of work from home by registering in sites that pay you in Bitcoins

Not many organisations exist that pay in Bitcoins. However, there are a few reputed organisations with which you can be connected and earn in Bitcoins. Chances are that if you find an organisation that accepts digital currencies in the form of Bitcoins, then they will end up paying in Bitcoins as well. One of the consistent ways to earn a fixed paycheck is by means of earning Bitcoins.

You can start your search for job opportunities that pay you in Bitcoins by checking out some of the Bitcoin forums such as:

  1. Bitcointalk Forum Services Section – This is a website, which offers diverse job opportunities.
  2. Jobs 4 Bitcoins on reddit – This site is very good for computer programmers, but not for the hard core programmers.
  3. BitGigs – This is another website, which offers different kinds of jobs.
  4. Coinality – This job portal lists jobs on a map. The main intention behind listing jobs on a map is that job seekers can search for jobs in the location of their choice.
  5. XBTFreelancer – This website mostly offers technical jobs that are related to computer software, programming and other IT related skills.
  6. bitWAGE – The online job portal helps people find work from home jobs that pays in Bitcoins.  It basically lets the job seeker to invoice employers and other business clients who are situated in USA, EU, or UK in Bitcoins.
  7. Bitcoin business – This option is best suited for entrepreneurs who wish to start their own business that sells either good or services in exchange for Bitcoins.


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Tipping & Bitcoins  

Who doesn’t tip others for a good service and who doesn’t like being tipped for extending a great service? Tipping has been common now and in many places, tipping is added to the service charge. Tipping in the form of currency is an alternative to say “Thank You” to the person who has helped you.

Why tip in Bitcoins?

The advantages of using Bitcoins to tip others are:

  1. It has a low transaction fee
  2. It processes transfers very fast

What you need in order to earn in Bitcoins?

In order to cash up on your Bitcoins, you need:

  1. A Bitcoin wallet,
  2. A Bitcoin address, and
  3. A QR-code linked to your Bitcoin address

How to be tipped?

Here are some ways by which you can be tipped by other users:

  1. If you post something nice or informative and the people who read it likes it, then some of them tend to show you their appreciation by means of tipping in Bitcoins.
  2. Alternatively, if you host a service to which people are pleasantly delighted, then they can tip you by rewarding you in terms of Bitcoins.
  3. Additionally, if you have created something innovative, for example a code or a software and put it up for others to explore but not buy, then you might get rewarded in Bitcoins as a token of appreciation for the work that you have created.
  4. Another way by which you can be tipped in Bitcoins is by answering questions put forward by other users. One such platform that encourages discussions and pays in Bitcoins is Bitfortip. Bitfortip allows users to be rewarded and tipped in Bitcoins.
  5. The easiest way of earning Bitcoins in the form of tips is that if you own a business, for example a restaurant that transacts in Bitcoins, then tipping in Bitcoins comes naturally.

Accepting Bitcoins in the form of tips can be considered as a form of payment of the service that you have offered without actually calling it a job.

What you need to do so that others may tip you?

Just by offering a service will not do. Rather you need to provide your Bitcoin address next to each of the above mentioned options, right after the service or in the footer section, so that other users can easily track you and tip you. In short, you will need to initiate creative awareness process among the users who might tip you.

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