What You Should Know About Binance?

Introducing Traders to Binance

Binance is one of the latest yet fastest growing platforms used to carry out trade exchanges in the form of crypto currencies. Within its launch of 5 months, Binance has gained worldwide popularity in the field of crypto currency exchanges. Several digital currencies are being listed on Binance such as Bitcoins, Ether, Altcoins, and many more. Binance also extends its support to new and promising ICO’s on its exchange portal for trading.

Binance Coins

The crypto currency created by Binance is called the Binance coin or BNB for short. An advantage of using BNB is that you can avail attractive discounts while trading on Binance. BNB can be used as an alternative option to pay for the services availed on Binance for example, exchange fees, listing fees, withdrawal fees or trading fees to buy or sell coins.

Opening a Binance Account

Step 1: Visit the Binance homepage

Step 2: Register by entering a valid e-mail id and the password of your choice

Step 3: Carry out the verification process by clicking on the link sent to your e-mail address

Step 4: After logging in, proceed with the two-factor authentication by scanning the QR displayed on the page

Step 5: Deposit funds by clicking on “Deposits Withdrawal” and select the digital currency you wish to deposit

Step 6: Carry out “buy” or “sell” transaction

Features of Binance

Binance is gaining widespread popularity due to the following features:

  1. It only deals with digital currencies that are legit.
  2. It is available in multiple languages
  3. Setting up an account on Binance is simple and users are not required to submit any verification documents to open an account in Binance.
  4. The interface is browser & user friendly and provides a safe medium for transactions due to its two-factor authentication and e-mail withdrawal verification.
  5. Processing time for orders is very high.
  6. It also has a mobile app that enables traders to trade on the move.
  7. The platform conducts frequent surprises such as lucky draws, prizes and other giveaways for its traders.
  8. As soon a fork takes place, Binance gives its users airdrops in the form of BitcoinGold or BitcoinDiamond.
  9. It offers a 20% bonus on trading carried out on the platform.
  10. Binance has made its presence felt in over 180 countries. It is also very active on social media platforms such as Twitter.


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Play And Win Bitcoins

Did you know that in order to get some digital currency all you need to do is play? Well here is a list of how you can earn Bitcoins by playing.

  1. Blockchain Game
  • The game is fun yet challenging with many competitive levels.
  • It is available for download on the Google Play Store.
  • The sign up process is very simple and involves only two steps. Step 1 is to provide your e-mail address and step 2 is to enter then your Bitcoin address.
  • There are many advertisements between the games, which is how they pay others, adopting the method of advertising by profit sharing.
  • Players are paid once a week. Players have the option to cash out their earnings once they finish ten levels or they can decide to play further.
  • In the final losing moments, if you fail to locate a block correctly, then you are given the option to continue by watching a short ad.
  1. Bitcoin Popper
  • This is a fun game involving popping of bubbles and is based on slot machines.
  • It is available for download on Android devices in the Play Store.
  • Some of the upgrades available in the game include adding more game time to each session.
  • The game has fewer interruptions from advertisements.
  • The player must achieve minimum number of stars in order to win the game. Once this achieved, players gets more payout for every extra star, thus allowing players to earn free Bitcoins.
  1. Roll A Ball
  • The game is quite simple and all you have to do is use your phone to roll a ball around a table until all the coins present on the table are collected.
  • As you proceed, new levels become more tough and challenging. However, there is no time limit.
  • After each level, you need to watch a video advertisement.
  • The game has two options with respect to what you can get. One is you get 10% of the advertising and the second is you get 40% of the advertising.
  1. Play Dice
  • Some of the websites that allow you to play dice are PrimeDice and 999Dice.
  • There are no rules or restrictions to be followed while withdrawing your earnings.
  • In order to win dice games, you can search and implement some of the best dice strategies to make a good deal of money.
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Work on 50-Boat Marina at Yards Park Now Underway

An aerial view of The Yards development features the marina in the bottom right corner. Image courtesy of Forest City Washington.

An aerial view of The Yards development features the marina in the bottom right corner. Image courtesy of Forest City Washington.

Work on the new 50-slip marina for the Yards Park on the Anacostia River is slated to begin on site this month, Forest City Washington announced Monday. The marina, designed by Moffatt & Nichol, will include space for both short-term and long term slip usage for boats as large as 125 feet in length.

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The profitable solution offered by the robot can satisfy both your current and the future financial necessities and therefore, indeed an absolute solution! Great, why wait anymore, go enjoy in the marina or at least let’s find when it is available for us to enjoy!

Bellingham Marine began component fabrication offsite several months ago. The on-site work will create a new marina stretching from the Washington Navy Yard at the eastern edge to the beginning of the Yard’s award-winning pedestrian bridge at the western edge.

“The development of the marina will put The Yards more in touch with one of its best assets—the river,” said Deborah Ratner Salzberg, president of Forest City Washington, in a prepared statement.

Half of the 50 slips will be for short-term usage of fewer than 10 days and the other half will accommodate long-term users. Most of the boats will be smaller in size, up to about 60feet long, though the marina could make room for a few large 125-foot boats.

The marina will also include a water taxi dock, a paddler dock for kayakers and an education dock for use with river-focused experiential instruction, according to a press release.

In addition to the Yards marina on the Capitol Riverfront in Southeast D.C., Moffatt & Nichol is working on the waterside elements for the massive nearby Wharf development on the Southwest waterfront.

The marina should be ready for use by spring 2016.

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National Mall Gardens, Lockkeeper House to Get Upgrades

View of Constitution Gardens from the corner of 17th Street and Constitution Avenue. Image from NCPC records.

View of Constitution Gardens from the corner of 17th Street and Constitution Avenue. Image from NCPC records.

The National Mall’s Constitution Gardens–a landscaped area, small lake and the 1837 Lockkeeper’s House located between the Lincoln Memorial and 17th Street, NW–will soon go through a rehabilitation that will improve pedestrian connectivity and physically move the lockkeeper’s structure.

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The trading systems based upon the algorithmic trading ways are also called the trading robots, whose trading practices can be anything from the forex to the cryptocurrency, as supported by the specific system. When you embrace this change, your financial prosperity is ensured, no matter, wherever you are in this world! Now that you have understood, why change is significant, let us now proceed further to understand how this change of the National Mall’s Constitution Gardens is to benefit the community

The National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC) approved the proposal’s first phase during a meeting Thursday.

The National Park Service plans to convert the Lockkeeper’s House, a remnant from when there was a Canal along the National Mall, to a visitor education center that also serves as an office for park management and a site to recognize donors supporting the Trust for the National Mall. The building will be relocated to a site southwest of its current location, but still within the Constitution Gardens area.

Other site improvements include: a new entry plaza at the corner of Constitution Avenue and 17th Street, NW, landscaping, and a new perimeter garden wall, according to a press release from NCPC. PWP Landscape Architecture designed the rehabilitation, having won the right in 2012 after a national design competition.

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Monument Advances Plans for 7-Story U Street Mixed-Use Project

Monument Advances Plans for 7-Story U Street Mixed-Use Project

Monument’s proposal to bring a new 7-story residential building with ground floor retail next to the Howard Theater is closer to gaining community approval as the developers negotiate the terms of their project with the advisory neighborhood commission (ANC).

The proposal includes plans to preserve and incorporate some of the existing street-facing facades into the project. The property is currently occupied by several one- and two-story retail buildings on T Street (home to several Ethiopian businesses) and a surface parking lot and warehouse on Wiltberger Street, NW.

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Designs by PGN Architects call for a 7-story plus penthouse development with below-grade parking and ground floor retail.

Earlier designs indicated the project could include as many as 110 units of residential development, increasing the supply of multi-family housing in the area where U Street meets Shaw.

A draft agreement between the local ANC and the developers lists among the project benefits the proposal to preserve and incorporate portions of the street-facing elevations 610 and 618 T St. NW because  they include “character defining features that reflect the historical development of the T Street area.”

Featured image: rendering from September 2015.

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For NoMa’s Eastern Half Density Is on the Horizon

For NoMa’s Eastern Half Density Is on the Horizon

New, under-construction, and planned residential and mixed-use buildings along 2nd and 3rd streets NE are poised to bring thousands of residents and tons of retail between Union Station and Union Market over the next several years. From the development will emerge a higher density neighborhood to the east of the railroad tracks, one that rivals or at least complements the dramatic changes already seen to the west in NoMa and along the high-density western edge of H Street.

This article appears in The Hill Rag’s October issue, available at newsstands now.

“The [NoMa] BID has always anticipated that the east-side area is an integrated part of NoMa, vibrant and growing,” said Robin-Eve Jasper, president of the NoMa BID (North of Massachusetts Business Improvement District). “These east-west connections between the east side of the tracks and the west side of the tracks have always been a critical part of the neighborhood’s development.”

As new buildings pop up along 2nd and 3rd streets on industrial or formerly vacant sites, there will also be a natural flow south to north, from Capitol Hill’s northwestern edge to H Street and up to Union Market. “I think 3rd Street is going to be one of the hippest and best streets in the city,” said Tony Goodman, advisory neighborhood commissioner for near northeast and NoMa. “You’ve got historic buildings, new buildings, tons of retail coming in, really good developers and an interesting mix of buildings.”

Goodman sees the growth coming to his community as similar to what happened in Columbia Heights. In Columbia Heights, first came 14th Street with its DC USA mall and more “useful” retail, then 11th Street began to fill in with interesting restaurants and community-serving retail like Meridian Pint or The Coupe.

Unlike Columbia Heights or even nearby H Street, the area poised for growth in NoMa did not have prior residential history, meaning there is little to lament in the loss of vacant lots and industrial sites for the railroad, noted Goodman. “The real change is that it will go from being under-used surface parking lots and industrial land to being really great 21st-century mixed-use development,” said Jasper.
What’s New and on the Horizon?

Station House,701 2nd St. NE (built). Station House is a new 378-unit apartment building that straddles Capitol Hill and H Street. The development by Fisher Brothers and Mack-Cali began leasing its mixture of studios and one-, two-, and three-bedroom units in March through Roseland, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mack-Cali. The building includes a 309-spot underground parking garage. The design team was Handel Architects and Hickok Cole Architects.

Uline Arena, 1140 3rd St. NE (under construction). The Uline Arena, under development by Douglas Development, will feature a flagship 51,000-square-foot REI. The project involves gutting the former Uline Ice Arena, where the Beatles played their first US concert, and redeveloping it to include 70,000 square feet of retail, 174,000 square feet of office space, and a new 168-space, four-level parking garage. The project architect is Antunovich Associates.

300 M St. NE. The Wilkes Company proposes a two-phased project at this site, most recently occupied by a surface parking lot often used for Metropolitan Police Department cruisers and a two-story warehouse and office building. The first phase would include about 400 units of residential and more than 10,000 square feet of retail with 187 off-street parking spaces in a below-grade garage. The project architect is Hickok Cole.

200 K St. NE. Toll Brothers recently received permits to begin the first phase of its two-phase residential and ground-floor retail project adjacent to the existing Loree Grand, 250 K St. NE. The Cohen Cos. originally planned the entire project, but after developing the Loree Grand sold the undeveloped section of the site to the Toll Brothers in 2013. Toll Brothers is developing one phase with 296 units, a second with 229 units, and a total of more than 16,000 square feet of retail. There will be 240 spaces in a below-grade parking garage. Designs are by Davis Carter Scott Architects.

Central Armature, 1200 3rd St. NE. The property at 1200 3rd St. NE, home to Central Armature for more than two dozen years, will become a mixed-use development through a partnership of Trammell Crow development and long-time owners, the Dorr family. The project is still in the planning phase but could entail a mixture of residential, retail, and hotel uses.

301 N St. NE. Foulger-Pratt Development recently submitted plans prepared by architects AA Studio to the Historic Preservation Review Board for the redevelopment of and addition to Capital Self-Storage at 301 N St. NE. The proposal calls for ground-level retail use with residential above in the existing structure and construction of an 11-story apartment building to the east and south.

More Is More

The new development under construction or in the works will give even more people a reason to come to NoMa and will add thousands of new residents and workers in the coming years, said Jasper.

Goodman envisions a future where 15,000-20,000 people live in NoMa and tens of thousands of people work and visit. “I think it’s going to be one of the densest residential neighborhoods in the city … the country probably,” he added.

Featured image is a rendering of The Wilkes Company’s 300 M St. NE.

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Automated trading robots

When talking about automated trading robots, with improved technology have opened the doors even for regular people. Trading with binary options is now no more limited to people who have the knowledge or experience of the trading world. One also does not need to posses any particular qualification for this.

However, because of the entry of so many people with limited knowledge, there is also an increase in the number of scams and fraudulent websites. People would not know who to trust and who not to, this is where we come into picture. You can get some of the best trading solutions and reviews right here. Learn even more here and get an in-depth information about some of the best automated trading robots.

About automated trading robots

These have been a recent addition to the trading world and have taken the binary options trading by storm. These robots provide the perfect platform for safe investments with generous returns. Most of these systems are created by developers who contribute year’s worth of knowledge and experience. The systems are designed in such a way that they are capable of carrying out complete trades, right from looking out for potential trades to executing the investment.

The genuine systems like Bitcoin Code are so great that they allow any user to comfortably increase their daily income by a huge margin. This seems even more impressive because the user can get away with little or no knowledge of the field, and can simply sit back and enjoy the profits.

We carry out an in-depth review of each of these system, these reviews are unbiased and honest. There are also many tests that are conducted to check for the authenticity of these automated robots. We also look out for testimonials written by past users and see the general trend. Once all of this comes back as positive is the only time we declare the system as genuine and legitimate.

How does one earn profits with such systems?

Though each individual system may differ, the general trend of honest websites is that it is completely internet based where users need not download anything. Most websites allow users to create an account at their official website at no additional costs. This commonly does not take longer than a few minutes. Some websites may allow only a limited number of users, where one needs to be quick.

Once that is done, the systems request a minimum deposit amount that ranges around $250. These funds are used to execute the trades. The profits are also deposited into the accounts. The systems also have customer support staff to assist users with all trading related queries.


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Peebles 5th and I Project Up for Historic Review Oct. 1


The Peebles plan for 5th and I--rendering from 2014.

The Peebles plan for 5th and I–rendering from 2014.

The Peebles Corporation and Walker Group are advancing plans to bring a mixed-use 12-story building with a roof deck and two levels of below-grade parking to a lot at 5th and I Streets, NW in Mt. Vernon Triangle. The project, slated to include a Standard International hotel as well as branded residences, will go before the Historic Preservation Review Board Oct. 1.

Investing in binary options in the recent past has become a big business. Everyone wants to dips their toes in it. Not all websites are trustworthy, and there are enough scams and frauds as well. Telling the difference between a legitimate platform and a bogus one is often difficult. This is where we play a key role; get the right information straight from the source that helps you invest wisely and earn substantial returns only with us.

What are the features of a god automated trading robot?

A trading robot that is trustworthy and legitimate is most certainly a safe platform to invest in. We decide if particular software is worth or not based a detailed review conducted, other than that when all initial tests come back positive it is a good sign. Most importantly when a software has positive feedback written by past users who have had a good experience it is the most prominent indicator that the software is worth your trust.

Other features of an advanced automated robot is that, it may be complicated in its creation, but the navigation needs to be especially user friendly. The interface needs to be simplified and uncomplicated such that novices can use it as easily as experts.

A good system must be enabled to function completely on an autopilot mode. The system must be able to function on its own right from scanning the market looking for noteworthy trades right up to executing these potential trades. The system must be designed such that most of these traded end with handsome returns.

Peebles and the Walker Group won the right to redevelop the site, a former District government property, in May 2014. Last fall the developers agreed to a $28 million price tag.

As proposed the first eight floors will be a hotel and the top 4 floors will be residential. The ground floor will include the  hotel lobby entrance at the corner and a restaurant facing I Street.

The Historic Preservation Office staff report on the project calls for several architectural refinements, but recommended that the Historic Preservation Review Board generally find the plan compatible with the area.

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Florida Avenue Whole Foods Land Deal Approved at Council


Rendering of the proposed project at 965 Florida Ave. Image courtesy of MRP Realty.

Rendering of the proposed project at 965 Florida Ave. Image courtesy of MRP Realty.

The land disposition needed to clear the way for the redevelopment of 965 Florida Ave. NW, the future home of a mixed-use development to include a Whole Foods grocery, was approved by the DC Council this week. The project site was an unused District government parking lot with a small abandoned building.

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Technical analysis is the preferred method of trading for short term traders. It lets you trade by timing the market and you can implement the method is various markets and various time frames. The technical analysts believe that price reflects all the information. It is used to spot chat patterns and it also believes strongly that history or human behavior tends to repeat itself. How humans behave to a particular event or to a particular price movement is same always .This is what forms the chart patterns.

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The project–a collaboration between MRP Realty and Ellis Development Group–will bring 350+ residential units of which 30% will be affordable to residents earning 30% or less than the area’s median income. The project will also include a 370,000 square foot mixed-use development to include 50,000 square feet of ground-floor retail.

The Whole Foods will take up about 40,000 square-feet at the new development. No target opening date has been set.

The developers agreed to prepare and submit to the Zoning Commission an application for a planned unit development (PUD) within 120 days of the land disposition approval.

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Streetcar May Carry Passengers in 2015, Yet


Streetcar testing on H Street, NE. Image courtesy of DDOT.

Streetcar testing on H Street, NE. Image courtesy of DDOT.

Inclined to cagey responses about exact timelines for the much-delayed D.C. Streetcar, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said she expects to ride on the 2.2 mile H Street Streetcar line during her first year in office.

Bowser made the rare, if still vague, commitment during an appearance on the Politics Hour on WAMU’s Kojo Nnamdi Show Friday.

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What are the key features of a trustworthy trading robot?

Binary options trading automated robot is said to be legitimate and reliable when all investigations carried out reveal no suspicious activities or any red flags. The initial tests must come back positive; the in-depth review must have only good things. Other than that, a key feature is when past users write positive feedbacks for the system.

A good system is usually created making use of some highly complicated codes and algorithms and often take a few years to develop completely. Despite of all this, the interface must be simplified such that new users can also use the system easily.

An automated trading robot is capable of carrying out trades on autopilot mode which means it can scan the market and make some accurate market predictions. Based on these predictions, it must also execute the deals and help get rich profits.

The system is usually highly advanced such that it uses little or no participation from the users. They only need to create a free account and make a minimum deposit and get their accounts activated.

“I will ride it in the first year,” said Bowser. Bowser took office Jan. 2.

The streetcar has seen setback after setback, spanning several mayoral administrations.

Recent months have seen crews making repairs to broken rails, changing platform heights to keep the doors from scraping when opening and other issues raised in a March finding from the American Public Transportation Association.

In April the city began construction on the Carbarn that will house the streetcars and serve as training center and locker space for streetcar crews.

Streetcar barn as seen in early September 2015.

Streetcar barn as seen in early September 2015.

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