Final 8th and O Residential Project Under Construction

Rendering City Market at O. Image by Shalom Baranes.

Rendering City Market at O. Image by Shalom Baranes.

The final residential portion of Shaw’s City Market at O development is now under construction at 880 P St.

The 142-unit market rate apartment building developed by Roadside Development, LLC, final of four residential buildings in addition to a Cambria Suites Hotel and Giant Food.

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  • Genuine reviews

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  • Website

An online presence means a lot about the service, including its reliability, which you should never fail to scrutinize to stay away from the scammers.

With this, you are good to go and good to enact procedures to secure your dream home in this dream apartment building!

“This building, once completed will provide an elegant commercial edge to 9th Street, incorporating street front retail which will complement the thriving retail experience in Shaw,” said Richard Lake, founding partner, Roadside Development.

“The units include a mix of junior one bedroom, one-, two- and three-bedroom units.

City Market at O recently won the Urban Land Institute’s (ULI) 2015 Global Awards for Excellence.


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Buchanan School Demolition to Begin by Early 2016

Buchanan School summer 2015.

Buchanan School summer 2015.

Demolition of the two northern structures on the former Buchanan School (International School) in Hill East could begin as soon as mid-December and definitely by early 2016, the project team told community members at a meeting Monday. The new development by Insight Development with designs by SK+I Architecture will bring 32 proposed townhomes and the 41 one-level condo flats to 1325 D St SE.

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The historic school building on site will become condos, but two later additions will be demolished to make way for the new townhomes.

The general contractors, Moriarty, expects to receive permits for demolition in December or January and for demolition to last about two months. Vehicles removing the debris will travel south on 13th Street, SE to Pennsylvania Avenue and will travel east to the highway to Virginia–11th Street will not be used because of safety and traffic concerns.

Neighbors can expect about six parking spaces to be taken up mid-block on 13th Street to create the entrance to the construction site. Additionally the green space currently used as an informal dog park will in all likelihood be blocked off by construction fencing. Sorry fido.

Depending on permits and construction delays, the project should deliver in 2017.

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Georgetown Arts, Tech and Media Center Preferred by ANC for Franklin School

Franklin School. Photo by Flickr user X here.

Franklin School. Photo by Flickr user NCinDC here.

A proposal for a new Georgetown University arts, media and technology center is the latest “winner” in the ongoing redevelopment saga of the historic Franklin School in downtown DC. The Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) unanimously supported the GU development program over three others presented during a special meeting earlier this week.

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The Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED) re-issued a request for proposals earlier this year after Mayor Muriel Bowser canceled a previous deal. The Vince Gray administration previously awarded the school to an EastBanc-led development, the Institute for Contemporary Expression (ICE-DC), to the building at 925 13th St. NW.

In August, DMPED announced five development teams would compete to redevelop the historic school. That number narrowed to four more recently.

Now four proposals are vying for redevelopment rights for the 51,000 square gross feet building in downtown (approximately 33,000 to 38,000 usable square feet).

Friedman Collaboration for the Arts: Arts, hotel and food destination. View proposal.

ARIA Development Group: Hotel, restaurant and bar. View proposal.

Dantes Partners and UberOffices: Co-working office space. View proposal.

Thoron Capital & Georgetown University: Technology, arts and media center with ground floor restaurant. View proposal.

The Commission narrowed down to two proposals, ranking the Georgetown plan first.

“The Commission felt the Thoron/Georgetown and Friedman Collaboration proposals were better suited for the disposition of a public property, use of the historic space, and provision of community benefits,” according to a post on the ANC’s blog.

DMPED told the ANC their office anticipates selecting a winning proposal by the end of the year. The winning team would then enter into negotiations for a long-term (50-99 years) ground lease.

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38-Unit Logan Apartment Building Opens on Former Cab Lot

38-Unit Logan Apartment Building Opens on Former Cab Lot

A former Diamond Cab lot near Logan Circle has been transformed into the HOLM: a 38-unit apartment building with what is being billed as a “highly anticipated” restaurant on the ground floor. Developer CAS Riegler announced completion of the Hickok Cole-designed project located at 1550 11th St. NW this week.

HOLM boasts outdoor space for most of the units,  an open roof deck and catering kitchen for the penthouse to terraces and/or balconies on many of the more traditional units. Units boast features like custom built-in wardrobes, European frameless cabinetry or space-saving sliding barn doors.

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“CAS Riegler is dedicated to creating unique real estate products in urban infill locations with a specific focus on residents’ sophistication and use of their homes when living in urban locations,” said C. Adam Stifel, principal, in a prepared statement. “HOLM’s sustainable, forward-thinking design will appeal to trend-setting residents who already live in the immediate area and want to stay, but are ready for a more refined design aesthetic and a location that allows them to take advantage of all the great neighborhood amenities without being surrounded by more than 200 other tenants.”

The building is now leasing. One-bedroom apartments start at $2,250, two-bedrooms at $3,200. The penthouse apartments range from $4,200 (for a one-bedroom unit) to over $7,500 for a three-bedroom. For leasing information, call 202-600-9462 or visit

The oddly-shaped site was home to an auto repair garage and the Diamond Cab Co. offices.

The oddly-shaped site was home to an auto repair garage and the Diamond Cab Co. offices.

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Bitcoins As A Regular Source Of Income

There are many people around us who try really hard to make ends meet by doing some part time jobs, switching from one temporary job to another or by engaging in some other form of menial works. However, being rewarded in Bitcoins is one of the ways where such people can find a regular source of income.

There are several ways by which you can receive Bitcoins as a means of regular earnings. This includes:

  1. Being employed in a company that pays you in Bitcoins
  2. Joining a non-profit organisation that rewards you in Bitcoins
  3. Becoming self-employed and getting paid in Bitcoins
  4. Becoming a freelancer in some of the Bitcoin Affiliate programs or Bitcoin faucets and earn in the form of Bitcoins
  5. Exploring opportunities of work from home by registering in sites that pay you in Bitcoins

Not many organisations exist that pay in Bitcoins. However, there are a few reputed organisations with which you can be connected and earn in Bitcoins. Chances are that if you find an organisation that accepts digital currencies in the form of Bitcoins, then they will end up paying in Bitcoins as well. One of the consistent ways to earn a fixed paycheck is by means of earning Bitcoins.

You can start your search for job opportunities that pay you in Bitcoins by checking out some of the Bitcoin forums such as:

  1. Bitcointalk Forum Services Section – This is a website, which offers diverse job opportunities.
  2. Jobs 4 Bitcoins on reddit – This site is very good for computer programmers, but not for the hard core programmers.
  3. BitGigs – This is another website, which offers different kinds of jobs.
  4. Coinality – This job portal lists jobs on a map. The main intention behind listing jobs on a map is that job seekers can search for jobs in the location of their choice.
  5. XBTFreelancer – This website mostly offers technical jobs that are related to computer software, programming and other IT related skills.
  6. bitWAGE – The online job portal helps people find work from home jobs that pays in Bitcoins.  It basically lets the job seeker to invoice employers and other business clients who are situated in USA, EU, or UK in Bitcoins.
  7. Bitcoin business – This option is best suited for entrepreneurs who wish to start their own business that sells either good or services in exchange for Bitcoins.


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Tipping & Bitcoins  

Who doesn’t tip others for a good service and who doesn’t like being tipped for extending a great service? Tipping has been common now and in many places, tipping is added to the service charge. Tipping in the form of currency is an alternative to say “Thank You” to the person who has helped you.

Why tip in Bitcoins?

The advantages of using Bitcoins to tip others are:

  1. It has a low transaction fee
  2. It processes transfers very fast

What you need in order to earn in Bitcoins?

In order to cash up on your Bitcoins, you need:

  1. A Bitcoin wallet,
  2. A Bitcoin address, and
  3. A QR-code linked to your Bitcoin address

How to be tipped?

Here are some ways by which you can be tipped by other users:

  1. If you post something nice or informative and the people who read it likes it, then some of them tend to show you their appreciation by means of tipping in Bitcoins.
  2. Alternatively, if you host a service to which people are pleasantly delighted, then they can tip you by rewarding you in terms of Bitcoins.
  3. Additionally, if you have created something innovative, for example a code or a software and put it up for others to explore but not buy, then you might get rewarded in Bitcoins as a token of appreciation for the work that you have created.
  4. Another way by which you can be tipped in Bitcoins is by answering questions put forward by other users. One such platform that encourages discussions and pays in Bitcoins is Bitfortip. Bitfortip allows users to be rewarded and tipped in Bitcoins.
  5. The easiest way of earning Bitcoins in the form of tips is that if you own a business, for example a restaurant that transacts in Bitcoins, then tipping in Bitcoins comes naturally.

Accepting Bitcoins in the form of tips can be considered as a form of payment of the service that you have offered without actually calling it a job.

What you need to do so that others may tip you?

Just by offering a service will not do. Rather you need to provide your Bitcoin address next to each of the above mentioned options, right after the service or in the footer section, so that other users can easily track you and tip you. In short, you will need to initiate creative awareness process among the users who might tip you.

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Development Means Positive Attention for the Anacostia Riverfront

Development Means Positive Attention for the Anacostia Riverfront

Marinas with several hundred boat slips, docks with access for paddlers, and several miles of boardwalk promenades will increasingly spot the Anacostia River in the coming years, bringing with them a renewed vigor for the waterfront as thousands gravitate toward DC’s eastern river. Even with the recently announced year-end closure of the Buzzard Point Marina, the Anacostia River will have nearly 1,000 boat slips spread across The Wharf DC mega development, a new marina at Yards Park, and existing facilities like James Creek and the Gangplank Marina.

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This article appears in The Hill Rag’s November issue, available at newsstands now.

Developers building along the Capitol Riverfront in Southeast and at The Wharf in Southwest are looking not just to land but also to water as they design and program their new residential and mixed-use projects.

Yards developer Forest City Washington announced that their 50-slip marina, designed by Moffatt & Nichol, should deliver by spring 2016. The marina will include space for short-term and long term slip usage for boats as large as 125 feet in length.

“The development of the marina will put The Yards more in touch with one of its best assets, the river,” said Deborah Ratner Salzberg, president of Forest City Washington, in a prepared statement.

The Wharf is slated to offer 550 boat slips, an increase of more than 200 slips.

As developers turn to the Anacostia, river enthusiasts see a positive impact from the influx of new buildings and people. “People who live [near the river] have a lot more vested interest in it,” said Trey Sherard, outreach coordinator/program assistant for the Anacostia Riverkeeper (ARK). “It may be a counter-intuitive example of development actually helping drive conservation.”

Kayaks arrive at the new Kingman Island docks. Photo: Tyrone Eaton, Anacostia Watershed Society.

Kayaks arrive at the new Kingman Island docks. Photo: Tyrone Eaton, Anacostia Watershed Society.

Marinas and boat slips are not the only alterations. Boardwalks and promenades are also bringing people right to the river’s edge.

“There’s literally thousands more people walking that stretch of the river than used to,” said Sherard.

The Yards Park, completed in 2010, is the product of a public/private partnership between developer Forest City Washington, the General Services Administration, and the District government. In addition to green space, concessions, and land-based water features, the Yards includes a boardwalk and an award-winning sculptural bridge that continues the Anacostia Riverwalk Trailalong a 1.5-mile stretch of the river.

Seizing on Forest City’s success, development by MRP Realty and Florida Rock Properties is also providing connectivity to the river. The developers expect to deliver the first phase of a four-phase project at a site south of the Nationals Ballpark adjacent to the South Capitol Street Bridge on the waterfront by early summer 2016. The first building to deliver, Dock 79, will feature access to a boardwalk that connects to the riverside promenade that already stretches from the Yards Park to Diamond Teague Park.

When the entire master development is complete, MRP’s Riverwalk will be 800 linear feet. The riverwalk will be accessible for paddlers from the river; no formal kayak or canoeing concession is planned. Later phases may include boat slips, though the idea is very much in its infancy, according to Kristian DeMeo, a project manager at MRP realty. MRP is also working with the Anacostia Watershed Society toward the goal of a swimmable Anacostia by 2025. “We are doing our part to make sure that our project is safe and clean,” said DeMeo.

Getting people from land and onto the water is critical and increasingly possible, according to Sherard. The concession at Diamond Teague, run by the same company operating kayak and canoe rentals in Georgetown and National Harbor, has opened water access to the other side of the city, according to Sherard.

There are also access points like the Anacostia Community Boathouse where area crew teams practice and new public kayak and canoe docks at Kingman Island, “christened” in October by the Anacostia Watershed Society, the National Park Service, and the DC Department of Energy and Environment. “It’s great to get people walking next to the river. It’s a whole other thing to get people actually on the river,” said Sherard. “It really hits people what an asset it is when they can get physically on it.”

Change does not come without cost. Live-aboard communities like those at Buzzard Point Marina have been told they will have to move their homes elsewhere. “Closing the marina is not a decision that was made lightly,” National Park Service Superintendent Gopaul Noojibail said in a statement announcing the marina’s closure.

Live-aboards at the Southwest waterfront worked out an agreement to keep their slips when the new Wharf development opens, but anticipated rent increases could have some owners looking for friendlier waters.

The return to the river is gradual, as projects like The Wharf and the MRP/Florida Rock development deliver in phases, but also immediate as new residents gather in waterside parks or rent kayaks for an afternoon. The Anacostia River is ready, beyond ready, for the attention it has long-deserved.

Featured Image: Dock 79′s Capitol Riverwalk esplanade view. Image courtesy of MRP | REALTY.

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World of binary options trading

The world of binary options trading is booming and ever increasing. It has given people a chance to change their financial status. However, regular people often have a misconception that binary options trading is only for those who have years of experience in the field or those who understand the graphs and charts of the trading market.

Thankfully, such misconceptions have been broken after the advent of automated trading robots. These trading robots have made it possible for people without any background or experience of the trading field. These users also do not need to posses any special qualifications to earn profits. All that users need to do is register themselves on the official website of these software. After making a minimum deposit, their accounts are ready for trades.

But one question that haunts most inexperienced users is how to tell the difference between a website that is scam and the one that is genuine. You can all this information and more when you log onto to know more.

How do we decide if a website is authentic or otherwise?

The websites go through a detailed study and review. If the review reveals nothing suspicious and seems fairly transparent, it is a good sign. Also, when the initial tests come back with positive results, it means the website is good enough. And most importantly when the website has positive testimonials from past users who have used the system and can vouch for it, it means the website is really great. These are proof enough that the website is legitimate and reliable and one can safely invest their money in it.

A genuine website often takes years on the part of its developer, who also has to give in a lot of hard work, experience as well as knowledge. These efforts result in the form of a website that is near accurate.

Automated trading robots that are worthwhile often make use of some high end algorithms that function in the background of the system along with other complicated calculations and codes. However, the software will always have an interface that is uncomplicated. The navigation will never intimidate a new user.

Also the system is capable of working completely on its own, without any contribution on the part of the user. The user can get aware with little or no knowledge of the trading world.

How are accounts created?

Most good trading robots have their interface internet based, saving the effort of any downloading. The official website will have space to create a free account that uses not more than the basic relevant information and a few minutes.

After transferring a minimum amount the account is ready for trading. The autopilot mode needs to be activated and the system does its job.

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Brand New Look for Watkins Alley in Hill East


Brand New Look for Watkins Alley in Hill East

The proposed Watkins Alley development on Hill East at has a new look with refined, simpler architectural features, a response to comments from the Zoning Commission this summer.

Watkins Alley will include 45 residences at 1309-1323 (rear) E St. SE and 516 (rear) 13th Street SE. The mixture of apartments and townhouses bounded by courtyards and other open spaces will provide 45 parking spaces.

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The system must be designed such that, the probability of profits are extremely high. Also the payback percentage must be attractive. It must enable people to earn rich profits without having to do much.

The users need not do too much, other than register on the official website and transfer more than the minimum sum into the trading account. A supportive customer care is an added advantage.

“In principal the idea of the density they are talking about and the layout, I think it can work but it requires sensitivity and creativity in terms of how it is planned. And it requires a sensitive touch in terms of the architecture and how it relates to the context. I’m getting none of that here,” said Commissioner Peter May.

The Zoning Commission suggested the developers use fewer materials and change the design to better reflect the federal-style architecture of nearby townhouses.

“The applicant revised the architecture t be more unified and contextual with higher quality and fewer materials. The entire project has a uniform appearance that creates a more integrated style on all of the facades that is more sensitive to the neighborhood surrounding it,” the development team wrote in a letter to the Zoning Commission attached to their new designs.

The developers describe the updated project as “vintage industrial and victorian townhomes (plus a carriage house)” in a post on Facebook.


watkins alley


Watkins Alley side view

Additional new views:

Updated carriage house design for Watkins Alley. Image from Facebook.

Updated carriage house design for Watkins Alley. Image from Facebook.

Updated courtyard view for Watkins Alley. Image from Facebook.

Updated courtyard view for Watkins Alley. Image from Facebook.

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What You Should Know About Binance?

Introducing Traders to Binance

Binance is one of the latest yet fastest growing platforms used to carry out trade exchanges in the form of crypto currencies. Within its launch of 5 months, Binance has gained worldwide popularity in the field of crypto currency exchanges. Several digital currencies are being listed on Binance such as Bitcoins, Ether, Altcoins, and many more. Binance also extends its support to new and promising ICO’s on its exchange portal for trading.

Binance Coins

The crypto currency created by Binance is called the Binance coin or BNB for short. An advantage of using BNB is that you can avail attractive discounts while trading on Binance. BNB can be used as an alternative option to pay for the services availed on Binance for example, exchange fees, listing fees, withdrawal fees or trading fees to buy or sell coins.

Opening a Binance Account

Step 1: Visit the Binance homepage

Step 2: Register by entering a valid e-mail id and the password of your choice

Step 3: Carry out the verification process by clicking on the link sent to your e-mail address

Step 4: After logging in, proceed with the two-factor authentication by scanning the QR displayed on the page

Step 5: Deposit funds by clicking on “Deposits Withdrawal” and select the digital currency you wish to deposit

Step 6: Carry out “buy” or “sell” transaction

Features of Binance

Binance is gaining widespread popularity due to the following features:

  1. It only deals with digital currencies that are legit.
  2. It is available in multiple languages
  3. Setting up an account on Binance is simple and users are not required to submit any verification documents to open an account in Binance.
  4. The interface is browser & user friendly and provides a safe medium for transactions due to its two-factor authentication and e-mail withdrawal verification.
  5. Processing time for orders is very high.
  6. It also has a mobile app that enables traders to trade on the move.
  7. The platform conducts frequent surprises such as lucky draws, prizes and other giveaways for its traders.
  8. As soon a fork takes place, Binance gives its users airdrops in the form of BitcoinGold or BitcoinDiamond.
  9. It offers a 20% bonus on trading carried out on the platform.
  10. Binance has made its presence felt in over 180 countries. It is also very active on social media platforms such as Twitter.


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