Haters are going to hate – well let’s leave it at that!

Haters are going to hate – well let’s leave it at that!


I have been trading on QProfit for two years in a row!

Yes, I know you are thinking, there are people who cannot last longer than a day or perhaps a week on trading platforms, and here is a person who claims to be on it and trading for two whole years!

There must be tens of questions running in your mind now:

I know. Is it even a consolation that a lot of people and by that I mean almost all of them that I tell this fact to are wide-eyed jaws almost touching the floor?

Well, to tell you the truth, I have actually been this long here:

So, how much money have I lost eh?



Nothing at all!!!

I know you are shocked no end:

Let me explain!

Ever since I have begun trading on this wonderful trading platform called QProfit System, I have started believing in online trading. I have been able to make profits consistently every single day of the year.

But be informed that I have also lost trades:

If I only win and do not lose, it would not qualify to be called trading. Because what is trading after all than risk-taking in big part?

Make no mistakes that I have lost more trades than won them. However what has kept me going is that the subsequent win would help me make over the loss. In the last two years, I have never closed trading without profits, however little, howsoever small! And I think that this is something fantastic about it!!

It is erroneous to think that you must only make a profit while trading:

Trading by its nature itself is intrinsically fraught with risks and the amount of profit that a trader can make depends directly proportional to the amount of risk that he is ready to take. That is the reason why it is always a good thing to take smaller trades initially. And once you have garnered a corpus, you can become creative with trading with a larger sum.

Over time, you will develop something called the trader’s instincts:

A few weeks into trading on this wonderful software, I had begun to be able to differentiate between a good and a bad trade signal. So much that my instincts turned out to be correct most of the times.

I am extremely happy with this software and I am sure that a trader who joins this platform with an open mind to learn and to earn will definitely benefit manifold form it.


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