Georgetown Arts, Tech and Media Center Preferred by ANC for Franklin School

Franklin School. Photo by Flickr user X here.

Franklin School. Photo by Flickr user NCinDC here.

A proposal for a new Georgetown University arts, media and technology center is the latest “winner” in the ongoing redevelopment saga of the historic Franklin School in downtown DC. The Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) unanimously supported the GU development program over three others presented during a special meeting earlier this week.

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The Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED) re-issued a request for proposals earlier this year after Mayor Muriel Bowser canceled a previous deal. The Vince Gray administration previously awarded the school to an EastBanc-led development, the Institute for Contemporary Expression (ICE-DC), to the building at 925 13th St. NW.

In August, DMPED announced five development teams would compete to redevelop the historic school. That number narrowed to four more recently.

Now four proposals are vying for redevelopment rights for the 51,000 square gross feet building in downtown (approximately 33,000 to 38,000 usable square feet).

Friedman Collaboration for the Arts: Arts, hotel and food destination. View proposal.

ARIA Development Group: Hotel, restaurant and bar. View proposal.

Dantes Partners and UberOffices: Co-working office space. View proposal.

Thoron Capital & Georgetown University: Technology, arts and media center with ground floor restaurant. View proposal.

The Commission narrowed down to two proposals, ranking the Georgetown plan first.

“The Commission felt the Thoron/Georgetown and Friedman Collaboration proposals were better suited for the disposition of a public property, use of the historic space, and provision of community benefits,” according to a post on the ANC’s blog.

DMPED told the ANC their office anticipates selecting a winning proposal by the end of the year. The winning team would then enter into negotiations for a long-term (50-99 years) ground lease.

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