National Mall Gardens, Lockkeeper House to Get Upgrades

View of Constitution Gardens from the corner of 17th Street and Constitution Avenue. Image from NCPC records.

View of Constitution Gardens from the corner of 17th Street and Constitution Avenue. Image from NCPC records.

The National Mall’s Constitution Gardens–a landscaped area, small lake and the 1837 Lockkeeper’s House located between the Lincoln Memorial and 17th Street, NW–will soon go through a rehabilitation that will improve pedestrian connectivity and physically move the lockkeeper’s structure.

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The National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC) approved the proposal’s first phase during a meeting Thursday.

The National Park Service plans to convert the Lockkeeper’s House, a remnant from when there was a Canal along the National Mall, to a visitor education center that also serves as an office for park management and a site to recognize donors supporting the Trust for the National Mall. The building will be relocated to a site southwest of its current location, but still within the Constitution Gardens area.

Other site improvements include: a new entry plaza at the corner of Constitution Avenue and 17th Street, NW, landscaping, and a new perimeter garden wall, according to a press release from NCPC. PWP Landscape Architecture designed the rehabilitation, having won the right in 2012 after a national design competition.

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