Monument Advances Plans for 7-Story U Street Mixed-Use Project

Monument Advances Plans for 7-Story U Street Mixed-Use Project

Monument’s proposal to bring a new 7-story residential building with ground floor retail next to the Howard Theater is closer to gaining community approval as the developers negotiate the terms of their project with the advisory neighborhood commission (ANC).

The proposal includes plans to preserve and incorporate some of the existing street-facing facades into the project. The property is currently occupied by several one- and two-story retail buildings on T Street (home to several Ethiopian businesses) and a surface parking lot and warehouse on Wiltberger Street, NW.

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Designs by PGN Architects call for a 7-story plus penthouse development with below-grade parking and ground floor retail.

Earlier designs indicated the project could include as many as 110 units of residential development, increasing the supply of multi-family housing in the area where U Street meets Shaw.

A draft agreement between the local ANC and the developers lists among the project benefits the proposal to preserve and incorporate portions of the street-facing elevations 610 and 618 T St. NW because  they include “character defining features that reflect the historical development of the T Street area.”

Featured image: rendering from September 2015.

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