Florida Avenue Whole Foods Land Deal Approved at Council


Rendering of the proposed project at 965 Florida Ave. Image courtesy of MRP Realty.

Rendering of the proposed project at 965 Florida Ave. Image courtesy of MRP Realty.

The land disposition needed to clear the way for the redevelopment of 965 Florida Ave. NW, the future home of a mixed-use development to include a Whole Foods grocery, was approved by the DC Council this week. The project site was an unused District government parking lot with a small abandoned building.

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The project–a collaboration between MRP Realty and Ellis Development Group–will bring 350+ residential units of which 30% will be affordable to residents earning 30% or less than the area’s median income. The project will also include a 370,000 square foot mixed-use development to include 50,000 square feet of ground-floor retail.

The Whole Foods will take up about 40,000 square-feet at the new development. No target opening date has been set.

The developers agreed to prepare and submit to the Zoning Commission an application for a planned unit development (PUD) within 120 days of the land disposition approval.

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