11th Street Bridge Park Eyes 2019 Opening


Image courtesy of OLIN / OMA.

Image courtesy of OLIN / OMA.

Nearly a year after selecting a design by Oma + Olin, the team behind the 11th Street Bridge park has raised about a quarter of the estimated $45 million needed for construction and anticipates a mid-2019 opening.

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Spanning the Anacostia River, the 11th street bridge will be a new public park on an old freeway bridge over the Anacostia River, connecting Capitol Hill and historic Anacostia. The design proposal features an amphitheater, rain gardens, a boat launch, a picnic area and an environmental education area, among other uses.

Earlier estimates had put an opening at some time in 2018, but Urban Turf reported the latest update earlier this week.

Scott Kratz, the park director, told Urban Turf that he expects pre-construction, soon to be underway, to last two years and construction to take another year to 18 months after that.

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