Hine School Redevelopment Underway: Demolition and Groundbreaking


The Hine School demolition by the numbers.

The Hine School demolition by the numbers.

Friday Stanton-EastBanc, the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development and Mayor Muriel E. Bowser will hold a ceremonial groundbreaking for a new mixed-use project on the the site of the recently-demolished Hine School in Eastern Market.

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By 2017 a new mixed-use development with office space, local retail, 46 units of affordable housing and 116 market-rate units will take its place.

Clark Construction Group began demolition work in June. In the next month, workers will begin excavating the site and by the end of the year concrete work will commence, according to Mary Reft, a project engineer for Clark Construction Group. The concrete outline of the building should top out by Summer 2016 and the project is slated to deliver by Summer 2017.

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