27-unit Condo Proposed for Historic 9th Street Shaw Building


1851 9th St. NW formerly the Odd Fellows Hall. Image from DCRA PIVS.

1851 9th St. NW formerly the Odd Fellows Hall. Image from DCRA PIVS.

Plans for a new 27-unit residential building on 9th Street in Shaw stumbled coming out of the block during a Board of Zoning Adjustment hearing Tuesday, with commissioners questioning the necessity of a proposed fifth floor and exactly what relief was required for the project because of new “pop-up” regulations impacting its location in an R-4 zone.

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The building at 1851 9th St. NW was originally built  as Odd Fellows Hall, serving a fraternal organization for African Americans, and was most recently used as a school. The hall was built in 1932, designed by architect Albert I. Cassell, according to the U Street historic District application.

Now Hollow Creek Investment Group, LLC with plans by Arcadia Design proposes to convert the structure into a condo building.

The developer proposes to provide 10 parking spaces at nearby parking lot for a term of two years. The building will include a mix of units from a studio to several three-bedroom units:

  • one studio
  • 3 one-bedroom plus dens
  • 5 two-bedrooms
  • 9 two-bedroom plus dens
  • 9 three-bedrooms

During a hearing Tuesday, BZA members took issue with the fifth floor addition, which will allow the fourth floor units to become duplexes and to gain rooftop access. The BZA was confused as to whether the project should have the old or new R-4 zoning regulations applied.

“We’re gonna have to have some regrouping,” said BZA Chairman Lloyd Jordan, who opted to delay further review of the project until the R-4 question is answered.


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