Dupont Underground Eyes July Opening


Dupont Underground Eyes July Opening

Five years after it first earned permission to develop the abandoned streetcar station under Dupont Circle, the Dupont Underground is preparing to officially open part of the space to the public.

The station’s east platform — which spans 13,800 square feet — will open sometime in July,  Dupont Underground managing director Braulio Agnese told District Source.

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Plans for the initial space, which will hold about 99 people, aren’t set in stone; the project could welcome anything from an art show to a concert, Agnese said.

A rendering shows how a performance could look in the Dupont Underground space. Credit: Dupont Underground.

A rendering shows how a performance could look in the Dupont Underground space. Credit: Dupont Underground.

The opening will come just more than seven months after the coalition officially secured a 66-month lease for the 75,000 square foot network of tunnels and platforms below Dupont Circle.

The phase one opening was funded with more than $56,000 in community donations from a campaign on Fundable.

The west platform will open sometime in early to mid-2016, Agnese told District Source; an opening date largely depends on how quickly the coalition can come up with the $750,000 it needs to finish construction. Demolition of the west platform’s former food court, which briefly opened in the space in the ’90s, is already underway.

Demolition of Dupont Underground’s west platform. Credit: Dupont Underground/Alex Weller.

While the east platform will focus on art and design exhibitions and public arts performances, the project could eventually include retail and commercial space.

Patrick Smith, a development consultant and director of  the project’s real estate development, is spearheading the efforts to develop a long-term plan for the streetcar tunnels. He first approached ACDU last year with a detailed financial and retail analysis of how to reuse the site  with a mixture of commercial and art-specific uses in a financially sustainable way. Part of that early vision: A micro-hotel, fine arts self-storage, a black box theater and other uses, in addition to the exhibit and performance space desired by ACDU.

Dupont Underground will post more updates as it nears the opening date.

Featured image: Dupont Underground’s East Platform. Credit: Dupont Underground/Pat Padua.

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