DC Streetcar Passenger Service Projected for Week of Jan. 19


Streetcar testing on H Street, NE. Image courtesy of DDOT.

Streetcar testing on H Street, NE. Image courtesy of DDOT.

Despite assurances the DC Streetcar would begin running along Benning Road and H Street, NE in 2014, outgoing Mayor Vincent Gray announced before the new year that passenger service was not likely until the week of Jan. 19.

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“As many know, launching the DC Streetcar system has been a top priority of my administration and of the District Department of Transportation,” Mayor Vincent Gray, said in a press release. “Unfortunately, we will not be able to see that goal through to completion as we wind down, but I can tell you that we are exceedingly close to carrying passengers on H Street and Benning Road.”

Friday, Mayor Muriel Bowser was sworn in, officially ending the Gray administration.

In her inaugural address, Bowser noted she inherits projects that have stalled or were over-budget–terms that many would apply to the Streetcar program.

“Today, we inherit past successes, and failures, and overdue promises…but most of all, we inherit the great expectations of a deserving people,” Bowser said.

She committed to tackling those issues and getting the city back on track.

Though Bowser has not commented on the streetcar timeline, she did recently announce her choice to head the District Department of Transportation, Leif A. Dormsjo, who has most recently served as Maryland’s Deputy Secretary, Planning & Project Management.

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