Young Interns for your New/Old Company:

Young Interns for your New/Old Company:

Any business, be it established or a new start-up mostly looks for experienced candidates for their company positions, only a handful people encourage the young minds. But, the way should be reversed, young and fresh graduates should be given the opportunity to learn and serve at the same time.

How can a person become experienced, if he isn’t being given an opportunity? This may be a harsh truth, but reality!!! So, read on why hiring the young talent is actually good to you and your company!

To Help in Short-term projects:

This is the apt place to put the freshers or interns!! Even freshers/interns are ready to be placed in such projects, which doesn’t entitle them to stay for longer, who might not be having the idea of settling there; and for you, the plus is you need not shell out more money! No technical experience is required for such jobs and interns are apt to the place.

Lots of fresh ideas:

Yeah, maybe you heard your intern voice out an opinion that is actually old but carried out slightly different. It’s exactly what a company wants, you can’t change the whole process, at the same time to stay ahead in the happening advancements, you need to be free to adapt to minor changes that will help you. the interns do this very quickly, with a lot of new ways!! As they are just out of their colleges, their minds ooze with ideas, that are easy to adapt and happens quick!! Students you see; they want results to be quicker!

Adds brand value:

When you encourage fresh talent and give them encouragement, surely your company brand value increases and your reputation too goes a level higher! Most of the companies hire them as just a rule, but there are few who are keen to hire fresh talent and create unique services and products, that is mutually benefitting.

Low on your pocket:

Any company will have an agenda of keeping expenses low, compared to the earnings. So, this is going to help you reach your goal. the interns never expect too much pay like the employees and they are not permanent too! but, their zeal is to get the work done in the given time, which is mostly 3months to a year! So, it’s a win-win for both; you get work done quicker and they get their CV filled with experience column!



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Investing in Stock Markets

Investing in Stock Markets

We all love to increase our wealth, assets and keep our income always a little higher than what we get!! The lure that the markets create, keeps everyone running from posts to pillars of the market poles.

Well, although each one is excited and invests with all hope and confidence, not all are lucky enough to win the market, with any such casual strategies. It takes a lot of time and efforts, disciplined strategy and a prefixed mentality to win the odds.

Well, it’s not as bad as one takes about like you lose money always, that isn’t true!! If you follow certain organic steps you are sure to be successful!!

Don’t follow others footsteps:

We always take others advice in life and tend to follow them. but, in stock market investing, it’s always your self-decision. Markets keep changing every minute and second, what one thought during investing, doesn’t apply the same to another person; these we research even to eat at a particular restaurant, then why follow the advice of other people when it comes to money? Other than your trusted financial advisor, it’s not better to listen to people in terms of stock investing.

Understand that business in which you invest:

Let’s say you have chosen a stock ‘A’, so now, your job is to research about the stock, about the business sector, the industry it belongs to and the industry growth and benefits. So, do your homework here too!

Timing the market is not going to work!!

Each of us has the habit of timing the market!! I mean like, investing when the markets are down, so waiting for that to happen and so on!! But, in reality, timing the market is not going to work!!! very simple, if you invest in the bad stock at the right time, still the stock will give you negative results; if you happen to invest in good potential stocks, then even when the market crashes you will gain benefits. So, it all depends on the industry, the stock and the strategy of investing.

Strategy investing:

Yes, we reiterate that you need to hold to a strategy, for investing!! This strategy will give you an idea about when to quit and when to hold on! For example, when the markets are falling, many people do the panic selling and thus leading to further loss, to all the rest of the holders. But, if you have a strategy and know that this stock will grow further in the long run and hold on, you can see benefits beyond the market fall!


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High deductible health plan and their benefits

High deductible health plan and their benefits

When we talk about investments it doesn’t just revolve around trading and mutual funds. The insurance policies you pick are also investments that help you secure future emergencies. Health insurance is indispensable for every family. This is because medical expenses continue to be the major portion of monthly expenses for most families. Among the many types of health plans, the high deductible plans are not too popular and not many are interested in choosing high deductible options. But the truth remains that these plans can be highly beneficial though they do share some risks.

Lower premium payment

If you combine your health plan with your health savings account you can earn many perks. In the high deductible health plan, your contribution during the medical emergency would be higher. But the benefit is that the effective premium paid would be comparatively lower. But in those cases where you cannot afford to take out a large sum of money as a premium for the health plan but still wish to have one to be on the safer side, you can choose a high deductible plan. The lower premium paid is the first main attraction in these plans. Most people are hesitant to contribute too much on insurance policies weighing the odds of actually claiming them any time soon. And when you already have another plan for your emergency funds and when you know that you would be able to handle the emergencies without any problem than choosing a lower premium option would be simpler.

Market rate dependencies come down

When you choose an insurance policy the disbursement process might be influenced by the market rates at the time of claiming the amount. But when your contribution is higher and when the dependency on the policy is to lower the dependency on the market rates would also be lower.

If you are in good health your money is safe

If you do not usually have too many health expenses or if your employer offers some health policies for partially covering your expenses, then there are other ways to secure your emergencies rather than going for a higher premium insurance scheme. So a high deductible plan can help you save money on the premium and even if you do not claim the policy ever there is not much that is lost.

Given the connection between health savings accounts and these health plans, there are additional benefits that you could claim as well.

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Boosting Your Retirement Savings Is Easier Than You Think

Boosting Your Retirement Savings Is Easier Than You Think

For meeting your current expenses you might have plenty of strategies like trading and other types of short-term investments. But when you think about the long-term when you think about your retirement plans the type of investments you choose should be cautiously evaluated. Long-term investment accounts like the retirement accounts would be holding your funds for a really long tenure. So you need an option that is credible, one that can grow over the years and really give you a good source of income for your retirement period.

You are never too young to plan about your retirement

If you need a larger regular income from your retirement account you should also be paying a relatively larger premium. But soon after you start earning if you start planning about your retirement the monthly financial commitment that goes from your account would be pretty small. Here as the time period available to build your retirement account is bigger you would be able to save more by starting with very little at hand.

Automation can be used in many ways

One of the main things to do with automation in banking is to use it for automating the savings. When you automate the savings before you can start spending the allotted portion of the money would be assigned to the savings account and this could be your retirement account. Automation would prevent you from skipping savings with any excuses.

Consider the options given by your employer

Every employer has some type of fund that could be invested by the employees by contributing a small amount on a periodic basis. This fund keeps growing and then would be distributed as a lump sum at the time of retirement. Check for such options with your employer.

Open a good retirement investment account

IRA, Roth IRA are some of the main types of retirement investment accounts available. But there are various private financial institutions offering such retirement accounts as well. The tax structure would be different for each type of account. Having more than one type of retirement investment account is a good way to do it. So you would be able to tally the taxes paid and the savings made in the end.

Plan your major expenses in advance

Most people end up depleting their savings when they buy a car or when they buy a property, a house. These are expenses that should be planned several years in advance. And find the perfect down payment size that would allow you to retain a bit of your savings as well.

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Silver And Gold – Do They Move Together

Silver and gold are the most popularly traded among the precious metals. Though the factors that drive the prices of silver and gold are pretty much common, analysts have in the past observed that silver has not been able to keep pace with the rise in gold prices. Manipulation in the market and the increase in demand for cryptocurrencies are being thought to be the major concern why silver has lagged behind gold. But the real reason behind it is that silver is finding very less demanding industries which are the main reason why it is weak.

The demand for silver indefinitely weak and this is being magnified because of the slowdown in the economic growth. There are many theories revolving around why silver cannot catch up with the price of gold.

Why is silver lagging

Market manipulation is involved because there is a lot of paper silver that is being traded and which is impacting the price of this precious metal. This, in turn, is causing a problem in balancing the demand and supply of this commodity which in turn is being reflected in the price of silver. Also, the rise in demand for cryptocurrencies like BitcoinandEthereum is pulling the investors’ money to these virtual currencies. Thus the number of investors investing in silver is less.

These are considered to be some of the reasons why silver is not performing as well as gold.

The relationship between gold and silver

The relationship between gold and silver is not like they are perfectly correlated with each other. This is because the qualities and use of both the metals are different. The closeness in the correlation between gold and silver has lessened in the last few years.

Gold is still the most marketable asset and is used for huge transactions. Silver is a currency that is considered to be used as a last resort only. Also gold is a staple form of investment for the government and the banks. Central banks buy gold in order to reduce their risk in order to stabilize their financial system. This means that when there is a financial crisis there is a demand for gold which is very steady.

On the contrary, silver has no major role to play and this is why the price of silver is more volatile than the price of gold. This leads to greater fluctuations in the price of a silver in case of an alternate form of asset people are drawn to them and stay away from silver.


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Why Should You Not Delay Your Tax Planning

As soon as the tax filing month starts you see a common sight where people are rushing to file their taxes before the deadline. Those who had planned their taxes and filed it in advance are sitting back and relaxing while the others are running around still calculating the tax exemptions.,

We all have the same aim. Notto pays extra tax and saves as much as we can. And this is why it pays to start planning and saving your taxes well in advance.

Start tax planning from the start of the year

It is always advised to start planning your taxes the start of the year. You should begin by identifying the changes that you may have in your personal situation. This includes higher income, buying of property or a change in your career. Any changes in your personal life that could affect the tax amount, as well as the changes in the tax laws, will impact the amount of tax that you will have to pay this year.

If the tax status stays the same then you will not have to make a lot of adjustments to your plan. However, it is important that you get your personal finances in order and do the right tax planning at the start of the year in case you wish to save for any important financial goals.

The benefits of planning your taxes early

There are many benefits to start planning your taxes early:

  • Benefit from compounding –Do not just put your complete focus on saving taxes but think about the longer-term. Tax planning should go hand in hand with your investment planning. You should start investing in these tax saving instruments early and benefit from the extra interest that it offers. You could choose to invest in equity or debt finds to save taxes. For either way planning early means that you can benefit from the power of compounding
  • Regular investing – Investing regularly lets you meet your financial goals early. If you start your tax planning early then you will not feel the pinch of paying a lump sum at the end of the year. Also, suppose you are buying tax saving mutual fund plan than investing monthly will let your investment average out in the market.
  • Other deductions – Apart from the tax saving instruments one can also enjoy other deductions to save on This includes tuition fees of children, health insurance, and home loan repayment etc. If you are planned it can make it easy for you to get all documents together to claim a tax rebate
  • Salary allowances – Planning to save your tax ahead in time also lets you optimize your salary well. Make a note of all the allowances and how it can help you to save on Some employers also let you change the salary structure to save more on taxes. To be able to do that it is important that you do your tax planning at the start of the financial year.


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Ways In Which Budgeting Helps Business

Ways In Which Budgeting Helps Business

The financial document which helps in estimating and planning for the future expenses or income is known as a budget. All the businesses ideally should have a budget.  The process of budgeting is usually carried out by the companies or the individuals to estimate whether the organization or the individual can continue to carry on with its operations with the projected expenses and income.

The budgeting should take in to account all the income earned through every possible source. For instance, if the business invests its funds in trading, even the income generated from it also should be included in budgeting. Trading is a good alternative source of income for an individual and an excellent way to invest the funds for business.  Similarly, all the expenses incurred should also be considered while budgeting.

Reasons for a business to do budgeting

An efficiently prepared business budget will help in serving several purposes like:

Plan the start-up requirements of the business- The most widely used purpose of a budget is to help the business in gathering information that is required to prepare the business plan. It includes all the expenses and items that are necessary to begin a start-up.  You should know well in advance what will be the cost to open up your business. The cost will cover furniture, fixtures, inventory, cost of securing the location, software, etc.

Getting the business loan- Even after your business starts operating, it would still need funds to finance its operations and these funds can be arranged through applying for a business loan. The budget will help in showing your lender how much money you require and the current cash flow situation. A good budget will increase the business credibility in front of the lender.

Know about the required profit- If you have a proper budget in place, it will show how much money the business is supposed to make to cover all the expenditure and make a profit. Required profit budget will begin with ascertaining the expenses that should pay on monthly basis. Then the profit amount will be added to the expense amount to get the amount that the business should make every month.

Plan your spending well- The budget will act as guidance for business to plan its spending. Also, it will help you in ascertaining how much money you can withdraw from business as your salary. Initially, you won’t be able to withdraw much, but as time passes you can plan the living expenses.




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Role Of Business Ethics

Role Of Business Ethics

People who follow ethical behavior recognize what is right and wrong. They strive consistently to set a good example by following a good code of conduct.  In a business setting, following ethical behavior means applying the principles of fairness and honesty to a relationship with customers and coworkers.  The individuals make all the effort to treat others in the same way as they want themselves to be treated.

Ethical behavior needs to be followed in all aspects of your life and whatever job you work for, only then the work you do will benefit you in a good way. For instance, when you trade only, you should be honest and fair in all the transactions conducted by you. Choose a legit and trustworthy trading platform to assist you in the trading process.

Benefits of following ethics in business

Helps in building customer loyalty-  If the customers feel that they are being treated unfairly like they are being charged more, they will refuse to be a repeat customer.  If you want your business to be successful in long-term, then you need to build a loyal customer base as serving existing customer will not involve any marketing cost as it does I acquiring new customers. Organizations ethical behavior will create a positive image in the market which will attract new customers through word of mouth.

Helps in retaining good employees- All the talented workers wish to be fairly compensated for their dedication and work.  They aspire for career advancement on the basis of the work quality and not based on favoritism.  They wish to be a part of an organization whose management is honest about the reorganizations or layoffs are contemplated.  The chance to retain talented people is high in those organizations that are open and fair in all their dealings with the workers.  Employees, when they believe that the compensation methodology adapted, is not fair will not put in their best efforts or be dedicated to their work.

Avoid the legal problems-  There would be times when an organization would be tempted to commit unethical practices to earn a profit like not complying with the labor laws or environmental regulations, using the substandard materials,  ignoring the safety hazards if workers, etc.  The penalties you need to face are severe when you get caught in terms of legal fees or the sanctions or fines by concerned agencies.  Apart from this, there is also the negative publicity that one needs to face which is costlier than the fines or fees.


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More Information On Inflation

More Information On Inflation

Inflation occurs when prices of services or goods increases.  Inflation affects all the activities including trading, economic activities, business, etc. Inflation is an important factor that needs to be considered while you take part in trading. Many people ignore this fact and end up losing money in the future. If you don’t have time to analyze all the aspects before trading, then it’s best for you to opt for automated trading robots to conduct trading for you.

Inflation is broadly classified into 4 types: hyperinflation, galloping, walking and creeping. All there are specific kinds of inflations known as wage inflation and asset inflation.

Types of inflation’

Hyperinflation- This situation arises when the prices skyrocket beyond 50% in a month.  It occurs very rarely. It has happened only those times when the government has printed additional money in order to make payment during war times.

Galloping inflation- Whenever the inflations go beyond the 10%, it creates havoc on the country’s economy.   In this situation, the money loses its value quickly that the employees and business could not keep pace with prices and costs. The foreign investors will avoid conducting business with the country. The economy would become unstable and the government leadership team loses its credibility. At all costs, the galloping inflation should be prevented.

Walking inflation- This is pernicious or strong inflation that keeps the rate of inflation between 3 to 10% a year. It will heat up the growth of the economy too fast which hurts the economy. People will begin to purchase the goods more than they require just to avoid the price rise in the future. This creates more demand which the supplier will not be able to keep up.   As a result, the services and the goods will be priced more which will be unaffordable by people.

Creeping inflation- Mild or creeping inflation happens when the rise in price is less than 3 %. The economic growth gets benefitted when the price rise is 2% or less.  This mild inflation will make the customers expect that the price will keep rising up and boosts the demand. The mild inflation helps in driving the expansion of the economy.

Wage inflation- This inflation occurs when the workers pay will rise faster than the rise in the cost of living. It happens when there is a shortage of employees and the unions negotiate higher pay.

Asset inflation- Asset inflation or asset bubble occurs in one of the asset class like oil, gold, and housing. If it goes unchecked it can result in damaging the economy.




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Reviewing Trading Software Has Been My Hobby

Reviewing Trading Software Has Been My Hobby


I started off very young:

I am so thankful that I could take full advantage of the online trading revolution right from its inception. There was nothing more than excited me than getting on the trading software and trading away.

Those days I was also doing a day job and a full time one. In spite of that, I could afford to spend a few hours on trading. They say nothing is impossible to a willing heart. How true!

So, when at the end of five whole years at trading and a satisfying stint at that, I decided to quit my full-time job; I had enough savings to call the shots. The corpus that I created from trading online for five years was so much that I could quit my day job, can you beat that!

I mean here I was free as hell to do whatever I wanted to do. I had enough of corporate nine to five thing and I wanted to relax a bit before I decided my next move. The two years that I had as a break was so satisfying creatively that when I did decide to get back to the desk, I was rejuvenated and could think even out of the box!

That is when I decided to make my hobby of writing reviews to let me earn my living:

Writing came naturally to me much as trading and a combination of both was heavenly!

I started off with beta testing trading software. My blog even though as amateurish one took off so well that in a week’s time I had five thousand followers!

I am grateful to the lord to have given me everything that I probably do not even deserve. All I did was following my heart and it led me there.

Five years later, I still write reviews. Y reviews re sought after because they are honest. No word-mincing, no exaggeration and no bootlicking stuff this. I am not afraid to call a spade a spade. Besides, a lot of corporates have a link to my blog from their own websites which gives me a good amount of footfalls on a daily basis.

The encouragement from the readers helps me go on!

I am nothing without my readers. They are the ones who continuously push me to give my best. My reviews with pictures are found at various reviewing sites of repute. In case you would like a dekko, click on the link at the end of the page. It will take you directly from here! Happy reading and of course, happy trading!!


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